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Hotel Centre Point is located in the centre of Lonavala in Valvan. This budget friendly property is situated at a walking distance from Lonavla Wax Museum, and is a few minutes drive away from Golden Valley View Point and Lonavala Lake Waterfall.Special Features The rooms have sleek interiors with large windows and good lighting. A seating area is also provided. Amenities The rooms come with air conditioning, a TV, and free WiFi. The hotel has a kitchen, provides parking facility and also has an inhouse restaurant. What's Nearby The hotel has several popular restaurants and cafes nearby such as Tree House Cafe, Earthen Pot, Samudra Manthan, Mapro Garden, and Nitin's Mummy's Homely Food.

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To get a luxurious experience in your budget, Hotel Center Point is best hotel in Lonavala.Book Hotel Center Point Lonavala for your relaxed and comfortable stay in Lonavala with your family or friends.
On group booking or corporate bookings attractive discounts and offers offered by Hotel Center Point.
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Hotel Center Point Lonavala is best hotel in Lonavala ensures comfortable and enjoyable stay in Lonavala. Hotel Center Point Lonavala is budget hotel in Lonavala recognized for security and dedicated service to its guests. Multi cuisine in house restaurant with best quality food availability keep you healthy during your travel in Lonavala

  • Very fast booking and Notification.
  • 24 Hours romm services.
  • Pickup and drop services include with hotel booking.
  • Breakfat include with hotel room booking.
  • Guide supply for touriest and our guest.
  • Food and resturant service.
  • Swiming pool and indoor sports instuments.
  • Televesition and wifi facility in each room.
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